The Southern Spirit Infuse Jar

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Fill your jar with your favorite spirit, and infuse for three days. After three days, add your mixer and voila, you have up to 10 cocktails! You can infuse twice making up to 10 more cocktails! 
For a mocktail, simply infuse with hot water instead of liquor and follow the recipe.
Making the perfect Mother’s Day gift, host or teacher appreciation gift, or gearing up for your next vacation, these cocktail infusion jars are a huge hit! 
Citrus Berry Includes Orange-Infused Organic NonGMO Sugar, Blackberry, Strawberry, and Orange making a perfect Flavored Ranch Water, Sangria or Berry Lemonade (top it off with Prosecco for a champagne treat!)
Each jar makes up to 20 cocktails if you infuse it twice. 
Size: 16-ounce jar 
Shelf Life: One year
Infuse Life: 30 days refrigerated once you infuse
Steps + Recipes: Each jar includes a QR code on our label making it simple to access step-by-step instructions and recipes for each flavor or you can click here.